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Genetic Potential Through Nutrition ‘helping people live happier, healthier lives’.

I can supply practitioner-only Metagenics products from Health World.

Scientifically tested and of high quality these supplements cater to many of today’s illnesses and support stressed, mineral and vitamin replete people to achieve their maximum health potential. 

Bach Flowers, UK

Flower essences support the body through mental/emotional trauma. The Bach flowers resonate with the varying negative emotions, that unchecked, will manifest into physical illness. They work extremely well in conjunction with homeopathic remedies.

The best-known Bach Flower essence is the composite Rescue Remedy formula, which is used to negate shock, nervousness and anxiety. There are 38 Bach flower essences in total and treatment bottles can include up to 8 essences to suit your individual requirements.

FES Flower Essence Formulas, USA

The 12 Flourish Formulas are designed to achieve the highest potential of body-soul wellness. They encompass the most fundamental body-soul issues facing people of all ages and lifestyles. Each formula has its own specific keynote: for instance there is a post-traumatic stress formula, a grief formula, a children’s formula, a fear formula.

The formulas are a fusion of flower essences and minute proportions of the purest food-grade essential oils. With each formula there has been careful consideration regarding botanical signature, colour, form and environmental habitat of the flowers, as well as key healing themes and flower affinities.

Flower essences may be used with animals also.

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