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Jill is absolutely fantastic. She offers a truly holistic view of health which is so refreshing. I've struggled with acne and other various health issues relating to immunity for a long time without success with other treatments and was desperate for a new perspective on my health. I am ever so grateful to Jill who was very generous with her time. The remedies were fantastic and placed me in a great space to start the new year.     
Ms P, March 2015

Three years ago Jill Wilby was recommended to me by a friend as an expert in homeopathy.The first time we went to see Jill I met a very gentle, compassionate and knowledgeable practitioner. Over the course of the last three years I have visited Jill to seek natural remedies for various ailments which I have found of great benefit. The ailments include post quake trauma which my daughter suffered for many months following the last big quake. Over a two hour consultation with my daughter Jill discovered other areas of my daughter's life that needed to be addressed. These include the fear of doctors and blood since she suffered at the age of 2 and a half from a blood disorder which left a lasting fear of both. She also had severe anxiety about attending school as she was being bullied. All in all due to all of Jill's remedies and discussions she has become a very calm and confident girl. In fact she is blooming and such a pleasure to watch her grow in confidence. I would highly recommend Jill for the treatment of ailments and will be visiting her again should the need arise.   
Mrs P, July 2014

Jill has provided homeopathic treatment throughout my teenage and university years that has been truly invaluable. She has treated me for coughs and colds, infected blisters, various strains and sprains, skin conditions resulting from stress and has assisted in the healing of a snapped achilles. Homeopathy is instrumental in enabling me to maintain focus, energy levels and health throughout stressful university periods and Jill is a fantastic homeopath that I would recommend to anyone.     
Ms I, July 2014

I've been meaning to tell you for a couple of months now, on my previous visit to my hairdresser she was absolutely amazed at how my hair has regrown in the fist sized area on the top of my head! I have a 1 inch regrowth, quite thick covering the area, she stopped her salon workers and called them over to look, saying she'd never seen the like and they wanted to know the how and why. I told them about the homeopathy treatment and the added benefit of being quite calm now and able to cope with my busy work and private life schedule heaps better. I also told them that I've used homeopathy over the years, especially in dealing with young children's illnesses, bumps and bruises included, as one of them has a young child. So many thanks to you in being able to help me out of an embarrassing situation, with added benefits, all by using homeopathy.     
Mrs G, July 2014

I am a person who cannot use conventional medicine, due to anaphylactic shock relating to the use of both antibiotics and penicillin, which has left me with a sensitivity to most chemical substances. Because of this I have had to explore other complementary forms of healing. Jill Wilby has been my homeopath for sometime and I cannot recommend her highly enough, as she is a thorough practitioner of her craft. Jill has provided supportive treatment for a number of my ailments, including depression, shoulder strain and feminine related issues, which have resulted in my  health and well-being  (mental, emotion, physical and spiritual) being the best they have ever been.     
Ms C, July 2014

My first consultation with Jill was around 10 months ago. My husband drove me to my appointment as I didn't have the strength to do so, as I was so unwell with my many health issues. Since I’ve been seeing Jill my energy levels have risen and I can live life again, not just exist as I was doing previously. There is still a way for me to go, but I feel I have improved 100% from what I was. Jill is a very caring and respectful professional, and likes to think about the treatment that will work best for you. I would recommend Jill in a heartbeat to anyone who has health or emotional issues.     
Mrs N, June 2014

With her in-depth knowledge and understanding of Homeopathy, Jill has managed to cure me of chronic pain as well as ease my body back to health whenever issues arise. She is a fantastic listener, very caring and makes visits a joy with her positive outlook. I cannot sing her praises enough!         
Mrs J, 2013

Jill is thorough, professional and easy to contact. I suffered from chilblains for as long as I could remember. Jill worked with me to find a suitable, natural remedy, which completely cured my symptoms. Her services are affordable and painless. I would recommend Jill for any homeopathic treatment.      
Mr B, 2013

I have been seeing Jill for the past 3 to 4 years and have found her to be a very caring and considerate health care provider. Jill treats me as a whole person, not as having a single illness. She is interested in everything that is concerning me. We have a wonderful relationship and I can discuss anything with her. Since using homeopathy I have been relieved of my migraines, hormonal problems and many other aches and pains in my body. I am amazed at the results achieved. My husband was very negative about it but after a year of illness after hurting his back and going through every test under the sun, with no help at all, he finally gave in and went to Jill. He had an amazing improvement with her remedies. His symptoms were very severe affecting his back and his gastro system. Nine months on after starting the remedies he only has a very odd day of minor discomfort. He is thrilled with the results. We can highly recommend Jill and her skills as a homeopath.
Mr and Mrs J, 2013

I have known Jill for approximately seven years. During this time Jill has been my homeopath and key support in many physically and emotionally trying times. Jill’s professionalism and expertise have been exceptional. Her consistent understanding and insight have been invaluable in many challenging situations for me. Jill’s ability to ascertain and diagnose have been very successful. On many occasions Jill has made herself available at very short notice with complete focus. Her respect and empathy have always been truly comforting and I highly recommend Jill’s knowledge and wisdom as a homeopath.      
Ms L, 2013

I started going to Jill for some help with insomnia and general restlessness for myself, and the results were amazing.  Moreover I decided that my eight year old daughter could possibly benefit as well. Being a very active, often self loathing, strong willed child who would regularly fly into fits of screaming and huge tantrums I felt that I was willing to give anything a go. Within a few weeks of seeing Jill she was much calmer. I can't remember the last screaming fit and in general she is just a happier kid. My husband even commented that he thought she had matured almost over night.  I'm so grateful to Jill for her help and her professional manner not just with me but she knew exactly how to speak to my girl and win her trust.
Mrs MS, November 2019



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