My initial consultation takes approximately 1.5 hours. During this time my client is asked in detail about his/her presenting complaint(s); past medical history; inherited family medical history; sleep pattern and dreams; appetite and food preferences; energy levels; personality traits; significant experiences; future plans and goals. This information helps me to find the best remedy for the presenting complaint, by matching my client’s symptoms with the symptoms recorded in the remedy provings. Many clients comment that the consultation is therapeutic in itself, as they have never previously talked about themselves at length and it felt good to download their issues.

The key aspect of homeopathy is the individualisation of the case. For instance three people presenting with headaches will likely each get different remedies. The homeopath is looking for characteristic symptoms in each person’s case that differentiate the remedies to find the best match or simillimum. For example one client may find their pains better for movement while another client can’t bear to move about as it intensifies their pain. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy was meticulous with his record keeping during his provings of the original 120 remedies and his system continues today. Symptoms of each remedy are recorded in our Materia Medicas and we refer to those books to find the best remedy for the case.

Remedies can be prescribed in liquid form or as pilules. My preference is for pilules but I do use both. It depends on what is easier for the client. For example it is often easier for Mum or Dad to administer a liquid dose to their baby. Dosage and repetition of the remedy is also individualised. While one client may get a single dose only, another may get a remedy to be taken daily for three days, while another may be asked to take a remedy every second day for a month. The severity of the condition and the sensitivity and vitality of the client are considered when deciding on the administration of a remedy.

Follow-up Consultation

Follow-up consultations usually occur 4 weeks after the initial consultation. A follow-up usually lasts about 45 minutes. During this time my client’s response to the remedy is assessed, by going through each of the original symptoms and assessing how they have changed. In addition anything of significance that has occurred for my client since the previous consultation will be considered. The information is used to assess the next move. This may be a repeat of the same remedy; the same remedy but a higher potency; a new remedy or it may be to wait for another cycle (e.g. menstrual issues may need a second month to see what is happening).

Further follow-ups are required if there is severe chronic ill health and, using the analogy of the onion, many layers still to remove. My client leads the process by continuing with homeopathy until they get the result they want. Some clients may only want the last complaint addressed as they have learned to live with their other health issues, while others want to be in optimum health and continue until they achieve this.


I use homeopathy for my cats for physical and mental/emotional imbalance. I have used remedies for muscular strains after physical traumas, for infection after fights and bites, for food poisoning and for shock and fear during the earthquakes. On the mental/emotional level I gave remedies to my older cat when the new kitten came along (grief) and to both when we moved out temporarily for house repairs (abandonment). The cats weren’t actually abandoned, as their favourite neighbours cared for them but the perception was abandonment.

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