Beautiful skin enhanced and nourished with pure organic World Organic skin care.

Why would you use anything less?

Many skin symptoms today are due to, or exacerbated by, toxic ingredients commonly used in skincare, make up, shampoos and conditioners, sunscreens and talcum powders. Often products are ‘greenwashed’ to appear natural and safe when really they have very few ingredients that are natural. Check the ingredients of your favourite products – can you recognize them or pronounce them? Are they a list of multi-syllabic chemicals? For a copy of ‘Chemicals to Avoid in Personal Care Products’ email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

World Organic provides a stunning range of skincare and make up products whose ingredients are non-toxic, free of harmful synthetic chemicals and GMO ingredients. All products are bio-grow certified, with the organic component ranging from 70-99% and the remaining ingredients natural and safe.

Products include two effective aluminium-free deodorants, two natural self tanning creams, a beautiful baby product ‘Nurture’ range, stunning essential oils, a full make-up range and three skin care ranges. The lipsticks are hydrating and don’t bleed, the mascara doesn’t clump and the foundations are not greasy and provide a natural look.

The products are beautiful, smell great and have wonderful textures, the packaging is sensational, and the prices are reasonable. And if you dare to share, they make great gifts!!

World Organic is a family run, New Zealand owned company that empowers Indian farmers to grow organic products for an above market price. The company is ethical and has huge integrity – they walk the talk. Since September 2017, World Organics has aligned with the Eden Projects (the largest non-profit planter of trees in the world, currently planting in Madagascar, Haiti and Nepal) and for every product bought from the Organic Skin Care range one tree will be planted through the Eden Project. World Organics is a New Zealand company with a global vision.

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