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The first remedy I ever had was a wow moment. I had returned to New Zealand from living in England, with daughters three years old and 6 weeks old. I was exhausted emotionally and physically and waking in the mornings was a real effort. The morning after I had had my remedy I couldn’t believe the difference. There was no other explanation to how alert and energised I felt. It was definitely the remedy that had facilitated the dramatic change. From that time, all medical issues with my family were taken to my homeopath.


Impressive results

I was so impressed by the results that homeopathy had on my family’s health that I went on to study it myself and graduated with a Diploma of Homeopathy four years later. I have been practicing since 2005 and became registered with the NZ Council of Homeopathy in 2007. I served as an Executive member of the New Zealand Council of Homeopaths for six years (2012-2018).

I am passionate about homeopathy and it never ceases to amaze me the range of action it has. I love what it can do to restore good health to people and animals. I use homeopathy on my family, cats and plants.


Feedback from clients…


“I first saw Jill about March this year. I went for one issue and ended up dealing with other issues. This year I have had two bouts of Bronchial/Asthma and with the remedies that Jill gave me, I was off work for a lot less time than normal and I didn’t have the frog in my throat that I can usually have for 2-3 weeks afterwards. So absolutely, amazing for me!

Jill also helped with my Anxiety and Depression making me feel a lot calmer. Also didn’t sweat the small stuff so much either. Jill also helped with remedies for my husband helping him to be calmer, listen to me better and not be so quick tempered. This has all helped our marriage immensely.

It has been an incredible journey with Jill, and I would highly recommend to anyone thinking about seeing Jill to just go!”
Mrs R

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