Efficacy of homeopathic treatment: A systematic review

Since 1997, several meta-analyses (MAs) of placebo-controlled randomised efficacy trials of homoeopathy for any indication (PRETHAIs) have been published with different methods, results and conclusions. To date, a formal assessment of these MAs has not been performed.

Women with premenstrual syndrome (PMS) benefit from individualised homeopathic treatment

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) affects many women, causing symptoms such as abdominal pain, insomnia, anxiety and irritability before the menstrual period, and requires treatment in up to 20% of women in their reproductive years

World film premiere exposes Australian research scandal

The film, Just One Drop, reveals Australia's National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) is accused of bias and misleading the public over a damning report into the effectiveness of homeopathy in 2015.

Homeopathy Bill passed with amendments

The Homeopathy Bill passed with amendments in Sri Lanka. The Bill was presented by Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine Minister Dr. Rajitha Senaratne on June 7. The Bill replaces the Homeopathy Act of 1970.

Homeopathy on the farm

Mary and Gerry Kelly, and their son Derek - who have turned their organic dairy enterprise into an organic beef and tillage farm - were first introduced to homeopathy in the 1990s when a family member was ill.

Harvard study has good news for homeopathic medicine

The American Journal of Public Health has recently published a survey article out of Harvard that shows that homeopathic medicine, while still only used by a small fraction of the U.S. population, has jumped 15% in use.

Antidepressants raise risk of suicide

The review of 70 trials of the most common antidepressants, involving more than 18,000 people, found they doubled the risk of suicide and aggressive behaviour in under-18s.

Hay fever pills linked to Alzheimer's risk - study

Anti-allergy pills Benadryl and Piriton all belong to a class of medication highlighted in a warning from researchers. Over-the-counter sleeping aids and hay-fever treatments can increase the risk of Alzheimer's, a study says.

Homeopathy works!

A study found that allergy sufferers who were given homeopathic treatment were ten times more likely to be cured than those given a dummy pill instead. Doctors should be more positive about the alternative medicine, which is the only complementary therapy available on the NHS, the researchers said.

Keep taking the arsenic

As benign-looking as any poisoner in a crime thriller, Dr David Spence is administering arsenic to two unsuspecting females. He is a silvery-haired gentleman with a soft, listening manner and eyes as bright as quartz.

Homeopathy and the threat of endarkenment

A post published by Jerome Burne describing attacks on homeopathy as “batty and arrogant” was retweeted. This meant that again homeopathy’s hard-core detractors rushed out with lectures about the scientific method.

Common pain reliever linked to ADHD in kids

Paracetamol, a common pain reliever considered safe for pregnant women, has been linked for the first time to an increased risk of attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder in children. More studies are needed to confirm the findings.

Back to school

Do you have a child unwilling to go to school and has a lot of anticipation anxiety? Is our child lacking confidence in new situations? Perhaps your child has become clingy with behaviour that has reverted?

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